Time Session
9am-10:30am Central

Safety Dashboard – A simplistic assessment tool that helps you build a road map for success

This session will provide an overview of the origination of the Safety Dashboard, how to access and use the tool, how the tool has been used, and some fundamental ways to move your organization forward.

This session will discuss how to:

  • Conduct an assessment of their safety management system
  • Capitalize on the opportunities identified
  • Build plans to continually improve
  • Get and give credit where credit is due

Speaker: Jamey Wheeler, CSP, Safety Management Consultant, Montana State Fund.

11am-12:30pm Central

High-Reliability Safety Program Development

“High-Reliability Safety Culture Development” discusses the differences between a true High-Reliability Organization that requires workplace safety as a prerequisite to success in any operation, let alone a device to avoid catastrophic failure, and a culture of baseline, minimal compliance. It discusses High-Reliability concepts, starting with Enterprise Risk Management, illustrates how reliability and validity of data are required through program participation and managerial oversight before any progress can be considered real, and systemically and scientifically delineates a workplace safety program into integrated components that are executable in an organization of any size. Ultimately, true to High-Reliability concepts, these components allow for the positive reinforcement of safe behaviors, maintenance of safe conditions, and the interaction between the two to account for a whole culture change.

Speaker: Cory Worden, Manager, System Safety, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System

1pm-2:30pm Central

Using Custom Mobile Apps to Report Near Misses and Unsafe Conditions

Reporting and resolving near misses and unsafe conditions is a recognized method to avoid injuries. Front-line employees are typically the ones who first recognize – and are best equipped to report – these types of incidents. In the past, employees at NextEra Energy had to leave the floor and go to a company computer to report an issue. Not only did this take them off the job, many employees felt that the process risked their anonymity and made them look like “complainers”.

All of that changed with the introduction of a mobile app reporting system! Learn all about the process NextEra used to create this innovative mobile app and how it has impacted safety performance!

Speakers: Kevin O’Donnell, Principal Safety Professional, NextEra Energy and Annamalai Lakshmanan, IM-PGD Technical Services Leader, IT Business Solutions PGD IM, NextEra Energy Inc.

Time Session
9am-10:30am Central

P.A.C.T. Model (Model for implementing and measuring the effectiveness of Procedures, Hazard Analysis, Compliance, and Training Tools)

P. A. C. T. Model, or model for implementing and measuring the effectiveness of Procedures, Hazard Analysis, Compliance, and Training tools, is a set of continual improvement exercises along with performance measurement techniques grouped to increase efficiency through loss prevention.   The value perspective of this model is based on its simplicity and a consistent fashion for measuring results during its implementation. In this session we will cover each one of the model’s pillars as well as examples of its implementations in two different manufacturing environments.

Speaker: Jose Rafael (J. R.) Concepcion, Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Lydall Thermal Acoustical Inc.

11am-12:30pm Central

Electronic Safe Work Authorization

Abbott Labs replaced its paper, safe work authorization permit with a computer-based system in 2013. This innovative system drastically improved safety and operational processes associated with hazard control during Hot Work, Confined Space, Line Breaking and Surface Penetration activities.

Learn more about Abbott’s innovative cloud-based solution in this exciting webcast!

Speakers: Fred Satterlee, Brian Dewitt, Doug True, Pat King, Engineering Operations EHS, Abbott Laboratories

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  • 0.7 CEUs

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